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A marriage on the rocks: KimYe may be over

Published by Avuya Walters

It’s quite possible that in 2021 we might see the end to one of Hollywood’s most celebrated nuptials. If we are to believe the rumours then KimYe may be over.

It’s unclear from whose camp the birds were chirping but TMZ managed to get hold of reliable information regarding the current status of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

KimYe are in marriage counselling

It’s no secret that the six-year bond has survived its trials and tribulations. With four healthy kids, walking away from this lifetime commitment can’t possibly be easy.

A source with direct access to the couple told the cited publication that KimYe have been living apart for the past few months and regularly attending marriage counselling as a last ditch attempt to spark life into a marital union on the verge of collapse.

Things got too much, it’s said, when Ye bolted into a life of politics that lost him favour with many. Some truly believed this was a calculated ploy to stifle the Democrats’ chances of taking up office. Others thought the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy rapper ought to be admitted into a psych ward.

Alas, Kardashian stood by the side of West at his darkest hour and it seemed that, with all the rowdy rumours of an impending split, they were on course to patch things up.

However, paying close attention to Kardashian’s recent movements, it appears that the family vacations and romantic reconnection trips did nothing to draw the couple closer to each other.

Is Kim Kardashian preparing to file for divorce?

While TMZ sources are adamant that no divorce has been filed by the reality TV star, it’s pretty clear that the decision is not off the table.

For one, Kardashian has recruited the services of renowned divorce lawyer Laura Wasser. There certainly wouldn’t be a need for this if things were rosey between KimYe.

Also, West has lived apart from his family for some time, opting to close himself off in the vast lands of Wyoming, more than 1 702km away from Kardashian and the kids who are based in Calabasas, California.

The reality TV star spent Christmas without her husband and by the looks of it, she’s resolved to a new life without the Yeezy founder.

Sources told TMZ to keep a close watch on an announcement that should come soon, on the outcome of the marriage counselling.