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Kanye West drops bombshells: Kim and Meek, Kris Jung-Un and everything he tweeted

Avuya Walters - 22.07.2020

Kanye West says he’s ready to go to war with Kris Jenner.

US rap billionaire and fashion innovator Kanye West has been on a streak on social media lately. The 43-year-old has, yet again, drawn the world’s attention to his timeline. This time, the heads on the chopping block were his wife Kim Kardashian-West, Kris Jenner and fellow rapper Meek Mill — and by virtue of a stray, Kim Jung-Un.

Kanye West loses it on Twitter — AGAIN

Following the wild Twitter meltdown that took place a few hours after he had left a group of supporters peeved in Charlseton, South Carolina, we saw a happy Kanye.

Comedian Dave Chappelle flew into Cody, Wyoming, to see the rapper and show him support in the difficult period he’s faced. In the videos he posted, it felt like for a moment, we had the old Kanye.

But, low and behold, we were really in for it. It’s as if the clips of him laughing were intermissions in a long-drawn-out episode of a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off.

Immediately after plugging his forthcoming album Donda, Kanye West posted a series of tweets, further exposing the rut in his marriage, and bringing Kim Jung-Un’s name into a squabble with his mother-in-law.

‘Kanye doesn’t trust Kris and Kim’

An insider, claims The Sun, described West’s demeanour as ‘suspenseful’ and ‘untrusting’.

“Kanye’s surrounded himself with a small group of people he trusts, and he doesn’t trust Kim or her family. He’s very paranoid and is convinced that he needs ‘protection’ from Kim and Kris – even though they’re only trying to help him,” the source claimed.

We understand, though, that West has made several attempts to get in touch with Kris, who has, from what we can assume, ignored his text messages.

At this time, neither Kim, Kris or Meek Mill, have made a public statement in response to Yeezy.