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Kanye West embroiled in ‘election fraud’ scandal: This is how serious it is

Published by Avuya Walters

As the months draw closer to November 2020, you will expect things to get heated in the United States (US) general election. So, why in the world is Kanye West caught in the crossfire of election fraud claims?

Well, the sooner you find comfort in knowing that the whirling world of Mr West is shrouded by dumbfounding events, the clearer the allegations swirling around his name will be.

The whirling world of Mr West: Is he the pawn?

Not too long ago, the rap billionaire officiated his 2020 campaign rally in a way that’s never been witnessed in US political history. I mean, watching on from the other side of the world, the madness of his first campaign rally in South Carolina reverberated tens of thousands of kilometres.

West proclaimed the start of his presidential campaign with the launch of an ‘independent’ political party called The Birthday Party.

He was supposedly reborn in political ideology, dumping the ‘red hat’ for a bigger placard; a political movement that reimagines a country run in the style of the fictional Wakanda from Marvel’s Black Panther.

All of this could be easily shrugged off as another dumbfounding event in the whirling world of Mr West. Except, it’s been reported that Republicans in certain key states have allegedly fought tooth-and-nail to get the late registrant on the ballot.

Kanye West embroiled in election fraud allegations

What interest does it serve President Donald Trump’s political party if West appears on the ballot sheet in deciding states like Wisconsin?

An explosive New York Times feature lifted the lid on what may be a ploy to hijack the ‘black vote’ from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Even more disturbing are reports from renowned journalist April Ryan that at least two states have declared “Kanye West ineligible to be on [the] ballot due to faulty signatures.”

This could open grounds for an ‘election fraud’ investigation. However, at this time, nothing has been confirmed.

His response: ‘I’m not denying it. I just told you’

If you thought West was shaken by the political pressure, you haven’t caught up with the ‘new’ Kanye. Yeezy kept it ‘two Virgils’ in an exclusive interview with Forbes and admitted, in not so many words, that there was some truth to claims that his rushed political campaign is nothing but a ruse to prevent a Democrat from dethroning Trump.

ā€œIā€™m not denying it; I just told you,” was West’s response to the damage he can do to Biden’s White House chances.