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Kanye West marriage in shambles? – Tweets about Kim fuel breakup rumours

Swisher Post - 21.07.2020

Take #KanyeWest tweets with a grain of salt but there can be a lot of truth embedded in the words directed at #KimKardashian.

Kanye West has, once again, cast the world’s attention towards his Twitter timeline. This pattern of behaviour, which has occurred timeously for a couple of years, comes at the height of public criticism he often faces for the wildly controversial things he says.

Kanye West in a meltdown since botched campaign rally

Mr West launched his political campaign in Charleston, South Carolina US, on Sunday evening, where he drew ire for some of the comments he made about abortion and his favourite topic, slavery.

While the jury is out on the context of his fiery speech, it still ruptured the internet and we can only imagine the unrest that may have taken place behind closed doors.

His Twitter rant: This is what he said about Kim Kardashian-West

Well, we didn’t have to exhaust our brain cells trying to conjure up the scene of the confrontation between Kanye West and his Kardashian family following his outbursts about how his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, almost aborted their first child, North.

West put it all out in a series of tweets (some were deleted but we sourced screenshots from TheShadeRoom.com) that have sparked a #PrayforYe trend on the social media platform.

Of particular interest to us, were the tweets directed at his wife, which seem to suggest that things are far from cordial in the household. Here’s what we know:

His children and the reality TV life

This is not to suggest that his children are already signed by major reality TV networks E! Entertainment and NBC but it was interesting that Kanye West made it abundantly clear that his babies will never be under the control of these media powerhouses.


‘Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up’

In the midst of his Twitter tell-all, West suggested that things may be a bit awry for the married couple. He didn’t go in particular detail about what may have sparked the apparent downward spiral in their relationship but these tweets suggest that all is not well at the Wests:


‘The movie Get Out was about me’

The Yeezy founder also touched on the things often said about him in the rumour mill, one of which is that he has been in the sunken place ever since he got romantically involved with Kim Kardashian-West.

In short, if a black man is said to be in the ‘sunken place’, it means that his new acquaintance with white people has stricken off his cultural values and everything that defined him before the interracial mingling.

The movie Get Out explores this theme in a dramatized way that satisfies the horror genre. Ye admitted that he was in the sunken place in his meltdown, suggesting that Kris Jenner is Missy Armitage, the tea-stirring matriarch in control of his consciousness.


Ye ended off his rant by deleting most of what he tweeted and left “[I will] focus on the music now” on his timeline.