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apple china coronavirus

Apple reveal new purple iPhone including a range of new gadgets

Apple gets fans excited over new purple iPhone and other colourful and improved gadgets set to release soon! Read More
mars nasa helicopter

Ingenuity: NASA flies first helicopter on Mars [video]

NASA successfully commissioned the controlled flight of a small helicopter on Mars, a planet with an atmosphere so thin, it accounts for 1% of Earth’s density. Read More

Multichoice wages subscription war with Netflix

Multichoice wants to take on Netflix and its plan is investing in local content to increase its subscription base. Read More
whatsapp privacy policy

Facebook SA clarifies WhatsApp ‘privacy’ scare

WhatsApp won’t see your messages or listen in to your calls, Facebook SA confirms. Read More

Gab becomes new home for far-right extremists is growing faster by the day, as more extremists look for a new home. Read More
parler app

Parler: Tech giants cancel US social media app

Parler CEO John Matze says they are trying to move to a new provider: “We have many competing for our business.” Read More
whatsapp update

WhatsApp privacy update: Five important things you need to know

WhatsApp will share more of your personal information from February and you have no choice. Read More

TikTok faces lawsuit from 12-year-old UK girl

TikTok is in hot water for allegedly misusing children’s data and wearing the cape of justice is a 12-year-old girl from the UK. Read More
amazon prime dstv

Here’s how much you’ll pay to watch Amazon Prime on DStv

Amazon Prime Video can now be accessed on DStv at the touch of a button. Read More
gmail youtube

Gmail, YouTube hit with global blackout

YouTube, Gmail and other Google products have returned to service after a reported global outage. But, what caused the blackout? Read More
astronomical observatory

SA’s Astronomical Observatory declared a heritage site

The Astronomical Observatory, situated in Cape Town, is now a national heritage site. Read More
netflix sabc

SABC wants Netflix users to pay TV licence fees

SABC is gunning for users of streaming services – irrespective of where they access content – to pay TV licence fees. Read More
apple event south africa

Apple Event: How to watch it live in South Africa [video]

The #AppleEvent is a few hours away. Here’s how you can watch it live in South Africa. Read More
wwdc 2020

WWDC 2020: How to watch Apple’s keynote event in South Africa [video]

Apple’s much-anticipated keynote event #WWDC2020 takes place tonight and if you are in South Africa, this is how you can tune in. Read More
twitter audio tweets

Twitter audio tweets: You will soon be able to really speak your mind

It’s still Twitter but instead of catfish profiles, we will hear the voices behind them. Read More

This new Facebook feature will save you from cancel culture

Don’t wait until it’s too late to remove old, embarrassing posts. Thankfully, Facebook has a feature to delete bulk posts in one click. Read More
google incog

Incog, my a** – Google hit with $5bn lawsuit for tracking private searches

Google could be forced to fork out R85.1 billion if a court finds that it was unlawfully collecting data from incog searches. Read More
google dark mode

Google dark mode: Use this method to save your eyesight

Google goes dark. Use this guide to activate dark mode on Windows, MacOS and Android. Read More
google play music

The end of Google Play Music: How to save your uploaded MP3 songs

Google Play Music is being discontinued. Save your uploaded MP3 songs while you still can by using these two methods. Read More
iphone 12 pro

iPhone 12 Pro: New details have been leaked [video]

The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly come with improved low-light photography and a 120Hz ProMotion display. Read More
microsoft teams phishing

Microsoft Teams: Protect your account from these phishing scams

Microsoft Teams is the target of these vicious phishing scams. Read More
instagram food orders

Must be nice: Instagram rolls out food orders feature in these countries

Mark Zuckerberg has done it yet again. Instagram now allows businesses to set up food orders on the platform. Read More
facebook live

Facebook Live: Artists will be able to charge viewers for online events

Facebook Live will allow artists the opportunity to monetize online concert events. Read More
netflix showmax amazon prime video prices

Comparing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Showmax 2020 prices in SA

You could have Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions and still be paying a third of a DStv Premium package. Read More
netflix android screen lock

Netflix: Android gets screen lock button to curb accidental touches

Android users can thank Netflix for being so thoughtful. It really be the little things. Read More
whatsapp zoom

WhatsApp rivals Zoom with upcoming video conference feature

WhatsApp is reportedly in the process of releasing a new update with enhanced video conferencing features. Read More
covid-19 fake news

COVID-19 in SA: Govt launches hi-tech platform to monitor fake news

Fake news is the greatest threat to our efforts in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Read More

Zoom meetings: How to set up the perfect lighting at home

Maintain a professional look at home with these natural lighting techniques for video conferencing. Read More
youtube shorts tiktok

YouTube Shorts: Streaming giant takes on TikTok with upcoming feature

YouTube is said to be coming up with a feature that will challenge TikTok. Read More
covid-19 test

Take this COVID-19 test to assess your risk of infection

This COVID-19 test, developed by a Nigerian ICT business, is a way to self diagnose and seek coronavirus treatment early. Read More
whatsapp covid-19

WhatsApp: Get COVID-19 information instantly on your phone

Get daily updates on COVID-19 from the World Health Organisation, straight on your WhatsApp. Here’s how you can activate this cool feature: Read More
iphone apple coronavirus smartphones

Coronavirus: Apple issues tips on how to disinfect your iPhone

Based on Screen Time data, iPhone users touch their devices at least 58 times a day. This may not bode well in the era of #coronavirus Read More
coronavirus 5G

Conspiracy theorists pin coronavirus outbreak on 5G technology

Conspiracy theorists claim that 5G has a lot to do with the advent of coronavirus. Read More
apple china coronavirus

Coronavirus in China: Apple reopens its stores after one-month shutdown

It is business as usual in China as Apple reopened all 44 of its stores in the region, on Friday. Read More
twitter fleets

Twitter Fleets: Everything we know about this new ‘Stories’ feature

Twitter Fleets sure is catchy but the tweetverse is not here for another ‘Stories’ platform. Read More
whatsapp version 2.19.120 update

WhatsApp updates: These are the latest features for Android and iOS users

#WhatsApp has some cool features that came with the new update. Read More
huawei flagship store in menlyn shopping centre

Huawei opens its first flagship store in South Africa [photo]

A big statement made by Huawei that is sure to worry Samsung and Apple South Africa. Read More
instagram down facebook a woman holding a phone

Are Instagram and Facebook down? Users complain about app outages

Instagram is down in most parts of the world and no one seems to know why. Not even Facebook. Read More
motorolla razr

Motorolla RAZR: Lenovo folds time to bring back reimagined classic phone

A zap back to the future as Motorolla prepares to roll-out the classic RAZR smartphone. Read More


fifa fut birthday lucas moura

FIFA 21: Everything you need to know about this year’s FUT Birthday

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday reportedly starts tonight. Here’s everything you need to know. Read More
ps5 console price

PS5 price leak: Here’s how much a console could cost in SA

It seems, the PS5 prices have been leaked. Here’s what we know. Read More
colin kaepernick character on madden 21

Colin Kaepernick returns as free-agent QB on Madden 21

Colin Kaepernick returns to #Madden21 as a free agent QB with an OVR of 81. Read More
agent 47 from the epic games title Hitman

Epic Games releases PC titles you can download for free

Hitman, this Epic Games classic is available for free download on PC until Thursday. Here are more free PC titles you can get for R0.00 right now. Read More
epic games free pc games

Freebie geeks: These three Epic Games are free to play this week

Cheapies, you still have time to enjoy these #EpicGames top picks for free. Read More
free pc games

Free PC games: You can now play these three Ubisoft classics

Ubisoft is giving avid gamers one last chance to get their sweaty palms on these free PC games. Read More
travis scott fortnite astronomical

Travis Scott teams up with Fortnite for ‘Astronomical’ tour

Travis Scott will premiere his brand new track on Fortnite this week. Here’s everything you need to know about #Astronomical Read More

Fortnite: Epic Games announces delay to new season

Fortnite’s new season has been delayed until at least June, the game’s developers confirmed. Read More

Stadia Pro: Google gifts gamers with two months free access

Stadia is Google’s cloud-based gaming platform and users can now enjoy its premium features for free. Read More
modern warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 3 comes with these updates

Here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare Season 3. Read More
ps5 controller playstation 5 release date

PlayStation describes PS5 DualSense controller as ‘a generational leap’

This PS5 controller offers insight into the next generation of PlayStation. Read More
cartoon network gamebox

Cartoon Network dishes out these free games for kids

Cartoon Network has rolled out a new gaming app for the kids. Absolutely free with no in-app purchases. Read More
cassper nyovest trevor noah fifa 20

Cassper Nyovest vs Trevor Noah: Watch the FIFA 20 match live [video]

Nyovest will want to redeem himself against Trevor Noah after Ochocincio’s lashing. #CassperStayAtHomeGames Read More
call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered

Modern Warfare 2: Is the Call of Duty remaster dropping on Tuesday?

The clock has ticked past the leaked release date of #ModernWarfare2Remastered and all we wanna know is: does it come with multiplayer mode? Read More
cassper nyovest fifa 20

Watch live: Cassper Nyovest takes on SA celebs on FIFA 20 [video]

This could be an epic way to settle the debate about AKA vs Cassper Nyovest. Read More
PS5 playstation

PS5 fans left deflated: No hardware reveal but here’s what we know

The PS5 console already has an edge over the Xbox Series X in tech specs. This is what can be expected from Sony’s next gen console. Read More
travis scott fortnite

Travis Scott skin coming to Fortnite: Here’s what we know

Travis Scott skin in Fortnite? It looks very possible. Read More
playstation 2 ps2 console

PS2 anniversary: 10 best PlayStation 2 games of all time

#PS2 is the most iconic PlayStation console in history. These 10 classic games will forever be timeless. Read More
cricket through the ages apple arcade

Cricket Through the Ages: Try out this SA-developed game on Apple Arcade

Check out this SA-developed game on #AppleArcade Read More