Sauwcy x Money Badoo

Sauwcy, Money Badoo and Blxckie get savage for the ‘LiH BiH The Remix’ visual [video]

16 April 2021 - 10:22

Sauwcy, Money Badoo and Blxckie unveil the haunting visuals to their remix of ‘LiH BiH’ proving why Blxckie is a cheat code

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Hip-hop artists Sauwcy and Money Badoo finally released the remix to their hit-single LiH BiH, grabbing the popping Blxckie as a feature, and releasing the visual to the track.

What to expect from the Sauwcy x Money Badoo visual?

The music video starts with a shot of the Money Badoo and Sauwcy cruising through a peaceful neighbourhood while creepy horror movie music plays in the background.

We soon realise they’ve been chasing one of their captives, who is wearing just a T-shirt and socks, running down the streets fearing for his life. This is an amusing scene since the captive is played by Trap artist VegasXCesar.

This is when the beat drops, creating an exciting yet creepy effect as it pairs well with the visual atmosphere of Sauwcy and Badoo hanging with their squad of alluring women while wearing balaclavas and carrying baseball bats.

We get some entertaining shots of the girls spitting their bars inside red rooms while wearing the trendiest gear, hanging with their crew, and torturing their captive stranger (VegasXCesar).

The visual leaves the best verse for last having the KZN rapper, Blxckie, spit his fire bars while hanging upside down from the ceiling and also another shot of him dripped out in his Adidas outfit.

This was a fun visual experience, impressing with the horror theme and using Badoo and Sauwcy’s creativity to the best use.

The video shot and directed by The Lotus Sutra and Darion4k, was a good effort with beautiful shots of the Sauwcy, Money Badoo and Blxckie in the best settings, with good lighting and dope close-up shots.

Check out the video, now available on YouTube.

Is Blxckie a cheat code?

It seems like every week Blxckie has some sort of musical output, whether it’s his own music or a feature on somebody else’s track.

In the past few months, the KZN rapper has featured on multiple bangers like Dee Koala’s Spazz, 031CHOPPA’s USER and GIBEL’IBUS, Stripes featuring Flvme, Major Steeze’s Slime, and of course Dr Peppa’s Mntase.

Maybe other artists are realising that if they want their songs to perform incredibly well, they might as well try their best efforts to grab probably the hottest rapper in the game right now.

This is similar to the Drake-Effect or the Lil Baby cheat code, where it seemed like everyone just had to have one of them on their songs to find true success.

This is impressive for the young Blxckie and it only means that whatever he’s doing, it’s working perfectly.