Money Badoo

Money Badoo drops her surprise ’47 freestyle’

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Johannesburg rapper, singer, and songwriter Money Badoo gifted her fans with the surprise release of her song 47 freestyle.

47 freestyle: Short but sweet

The track only lasts around 2 minutes however in such a short run-time Money Badoo shows off her beautiful singing talents on the track.

The song’s beat, produced by vugarmbeats, uses a soft tone with somber piano keys and high keynotes in the background while the hi-hats continue to tick behind the beautiful vocals coming from Badoo creating a beautiful sounding atmosphere.

This is a beautiful song about heartbreak with Badoo reflecting on the times she had with her lover but she tends to question if it’s all okay to just end things and break free.

This song is another perfect example of Badoo’s versatility when it comes to creating music with the talent able to switch from rapping on trap beats to singing on R&B beats.

Check out the track, now available on Soundcloud.

Money Badoo: The next music and fashion icon

Although the artist from Ennerdale, Johannesburg, has always had a passion for music, she’s only really started to blow up in more recent times.

It’s the combination of her exciting music and her trendsetting fashion sense of clothing that makes her stand out from the rest.

This young artist even took her fashion ambitions to the next level co-owning the fashion label OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder.

When it comes to her music, she just released her collaboration album MK-Ultra alongside another upcoming female artist and fashion star, Sauwcy.

The album performed well with songs like Lil Bih and No Price being the standout tracks off the project with No Price even earning itself a music video having the ladies show off their drip while showcasing their musical talent.

If Badoo continues her heavy involvement in the music and fashion scene, she could possibly end up becoming the next Riky Rick.