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Kobe Bryant career stats: LA mourns the loss of NBA legend

Published by Avuya Walters

The death of Kobe Bryant has left the world in shock. Close friends and fans of the NBA legend have been praying that the news we have verified through official sources, is not true.

What happened to Kobe Bryant?

According to preliminary reports, Kobee Bryant, along with four other people, died in a helicopter crash, on Sunday.

TMZ reported that the NBA veteran was not with his wife, Vanessa, at the time of the incident, and we currently have no updates on the condition of his four children.

The news is still fresh and so, at this time, there is nothing further to share about the crash.

Bryant leaves behind his family a global network of his fans and an illustrious career with statistics that mammoth the best players in the court.

Bryant’s key career statistics

On the court, Bryant was unrivalled. Some argue that he, a five-time NBA champion and a serial three-point shooter, was the better player than Michael Jordan.

Of course, you will never get a straight answer to the question. Neither will it be clear if the baton had truly been passed down to the man who’s taken his place at the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James.

His last tweet alive was an ode to James after watching him play courtside with his daughter, Gianna.

James and other NBA icons have yet to react to the shocking news. For now, we will remember the legendary Black Mamba, KB24, Vino, the Little Flying Warrior for these epic career stats:

  • Five-time NBA champion;
  • Two-time scoring champion;
  • 18-time All-Star champion;
  • 15-time All-NBA champion;
  • Four-time AS MVP;
  • 1996-97 All-Rookie;
  • 12-time All-Defensive;
  • Two-time MVP finalist
  • 2007-08 MVP