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Top 10 bucket list worthy things to do in South Africa

Published by Michè Edwards

We can not comprehend how much of a wonder South Africa is. From its very diverse cultural history rooted in all hospitable locals to its panoramic destinations – all bucket list worthy to explore. 

Bucket list worthy things to do in South Africa

There’re countless gems to name in this country, all accommodating to everyone’s needs. Here’s 10 things to do that you wouldn’t wanna miss on your bucket list.

  1. Tour around townships

Opt for an informative experience in some of South Africa’s long-standing townships that hold a wealth of cultural and historical memoir. Guided tours give you the chance to visit some of South Africa’s oldest townships such as Cape Towns Langa, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha or Johannesburg’s Soweto and Alexandra. Visit local shebeens, art galleries, markets and a look into the small businesses pivoting the communities. 

  1. Sleepover in a treehouse 

Sleep under African skies in a luxury styled Treehouse. If you’re looking for a hotel experience with a more adventurous twist then a treehouse platforms are a great pick. South Africa has an exceptional selection of treehouses from an intimate farm setting in Tulbagh to the bush-lands of Bonamanzi. 

  1. Bridge bungee 

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or not – this is your bucket list at hand, so take a leap of faith (literally) and go Bungee jumping. Jump almost 216 metres (709 ft) in between roaring canyons and valleys, guaranteed to kick your heart rate up in no time. While this is daring, bungee jumping is an experience you’ll always remember doing. 

  1. Hike into waterfalls 

South Africa is easily a collection of Mother Nature’s best hits, and easily so because of its grand Waterfalls. To get access to some of these grandeur falls, you’re given the option to hike a trail leading you through dramatic rockways and some refreshing scenic views. Pack a picnic basket as some of these destinations allow you to picnic right next to a stream. 

  1. Take a canopy tour 

A zip-line canopy tour surrounded by the treetops of indigenous forests is a must. In Grabouw you can zip from platform to platform over massive ravines, while snapping away on a GoPro. Opt for the oldest tour of its kind, the Tsitsikamma or experience the Drakensberg.

  1. Air-ballooning

Hot air ballooning is taking ‘breathing in fresh air’ to a whole new level, while you float above high grounds, spot wildlife from above and uninterrupted views. The most popular hot air balloon trips are said to be in Magaliesberg, Oudtshoorn, Cape Winelands, Drakensberg and Natal Midlands. 

7. Skydive into open skies

Skydiving is on almost everyone’s bucket list as one of the most exhilarating activitity to experience. On the way up to the aircraft the view is breathtaking as you await to jump with your qualified tandem master. Most people describe it as ‘thrilling’ and ‘unforgettable’. 

8. Dive with great whites

Great white shark cage diving is an absolute thrill. Explore deep waters and the colourful reef of South African waters to meet the seas riveting beasts and learn about the sharks in their natural habitat from an onboard marine biologist. 

9.  Visit a number of winelands 

South Africa is the eighth largest producer of wine and is home to a long list of picturesque winelands. If you’re a wine enthusiast the Cape Winelands will settle every craving of your palate, with some of the best wines to offers well as cheese, cold-meats or chocolate pairings. 

10. Safari drive in the wild

We can’t leave out an alluring Safari drive. South Africa is home to some of the oldest game reserves standing with an incredible biodiversity, an abundance of wildlife and rich African safari adventures you wouldn’t get anywhere else.