Nota Makwa

Nota and Makwa get into a heated fight over royalties

Ntsika Novoyi - 05.05.2021

Things got heated between Nota and Makwa over an argument about unpaid royalties. Watch the full video here.

Things between Hip-Hop personality, Nota Baloyi, and producer, Makwa, got heated after the beat-maker went live on Instagram documenting the whole confrontation.

What went down between the Nota and Makwa

Makwa went live on Instagram, filming himself inside of his house.

We can hear the producer arguing with Nota after he had been questioned about where Makwa got prescription medication.

Makwa refused to entertain Nota’s question as their shouting continued.

However, things turned ugly when Makwa demanded his royalties.

This came after Makwa posted a confidential statement from the South African Music Performance Rights Association stating that the producer had only worked on eight songs.

Obviously, the producer had worked on more songs and he was upset that the list wasn’t longer.

Nota urged the producer that he’d get what he was owed.

However, things got worse when the argument got heated, with the Hip-Hop personality calling out Makwa as ungrateful for abusing his kindness.

The fight continued until Nota was forced to leave, having the personality tweet a post expressing his frustrations with the producer.

Makwa’s frustration with the industry

The established producer has been vocal about not receiving payment for his work in the past.

Just earlier in the year, he spoke out about his situation and called out the industry for not being honest.

Makwa also seemed depressed, posting some cryptic images that spoke about his feelings.

He had decided to film the whole altercation with Nota, wanting fans to see his perspective of how he’s been treated by the higher-ups.

Nota, on the other hand, claims he has done everything he could for the producer, even tweeting that he had flushed the producer’s drugs down the drain.

If you haven’t seen the full video of the fight, watch it here: