Makwa scares nation after cryptic Instagram post

15 April 2021 - 10:45

Makwa shares cryptic Instagram pics leading many to think he’s suicidal after not getting paid for his work

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Accomplished hip-hop producer, Makwa, got the world of hip-hop feeling concern towards the beatmaker after he posted a cryptic Instagram post, leaving many to believe he is having suicidal thoughts.

What was on Makwa’s Instagram post?

The posts began three weeks ago, where the producer uploaded an image with the writings “sometimes you think you did great but it’s not what they looking for”.

He posted another on the 13th of April claiming to have taken more than seventy pills just to cope, with many fans starting to worry about the producer.

However, it was his next post that had fans fearing for the worst, with the producer airing out his obvious case of depression, struggling to cope in the music world, and failing his children.

“WHAT ABOUT ME AM I WORTH LIVING” was the last phrase of the post, getting many of his fans to show him love and wonder why Makwa had been seeming suicidal.

What was the reasoning behind the Makwa posts?

Although the producer is known as Kwesta’s in-house producer, he has previously spoken up about his loneliness in the music world.

In an interview he had with Maraza on The Life So Fa Podcast, Makwa called out rappers for scamming producers and not paying them their royalties that they rightfully deserve.

This may be the reasoning behind his battle with depression with the producer not being able to provide for his family the way he had planned.

This is shocking as the beatmaker has worked with the names of Kwesta, Kid X, AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Emtee, KO, and many more big-name stars who you’d expect to at least pay their producers.

Over on social media, fans of the producer expressed their concern for Makwa’s mental health while also taking shots at the music industry for mistreating producers.