Danko Zalo 2.0

Champuru Makhenzo unites all the ladies for ‘Danko Zalo 2.0’ [video]

Ntsika Novoyi - 30.03.2021

Champuru Makhenzo releases the visuals to his all female ‘Danko Zalo 2.0’

Costa Titch’s DJ, Champuru Makhenzo, finally released the visual for his remix to Danko Zalo featuring the star-studded line-up of all the talented ladies in South Africa.

How the ladies had fun for the ‘Danko Zalo 2.0’ visual

Champuru’s original version of Dank Zalo was made up of just Costa Titch, Phantom Steeze, Benny Chill, and Majorsteez releasing on the 13th of February 2021.

However, only a month later would the producer reinvent his song with a jam-packed roster of talented female artists rising in the music scene.

The song featured the talents of  Hanna, Sauwcy, Banaba’des, Gemma Fassie, Benzo, Leezy, SkolleyWood, Buzzi lee, and LGT all doing a great job at creating the refurbished song.

The music video for the remix was also eventually released having all the ladies making an appearance and showing off their talents.

The visual has a majority of the ladies all spitting their bars outside a run-down building with Hanna and Gemma Fassie still taking part in the video without being with the core crew.

The song is a fun hip-hop joint with the brilliant visual, being directed by ALFA KAT, and it’s clear that the ladies had a lot of fun taking part in the recording and filming of the remix.

Watch the video, now available on YouTube.

Champuru Makhenzo paves the way for female artists

Although not giving all the credit to Champuru, we still have to acknowledge and appreciate the producer’s efforts in aiding the rise of young female artists.

The song has shone a brighter spotlight on the ladies, especially with most of them still on their way to breaking into the mainstream.

Artists like Buzzi Lee, Banaba’dez, and Skolleywood are still on their way in the rap game, however, with the release of the song and visuals, they have impressed a lot of viewers and they’ll surely gain more notability.

It’s always great to see established producers give opportunities to young and hungry musicians who are wanting to break into the industry.