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Bonang Matheba sues broadcaster over wild ‘cocaine’ claims [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 17.05.2021

Bonang Matheba wants R500K in 10 days and a public apology from Rea Gopane.

Budding podcaster Rea Gopane will learn a tough lesson on the importance of upholding ethics and codes of conduct in broadcasting after media mogul Bonang Matheba is through with him.

Why is Bonang Matheba suing Rea Gopane?

Gopane, the man behind South Africa’s fast-growing online media platform Everything SA Music, was seen on an episode of his podcast series, stating, as a matter of ‘fact’, that Matheba was [allegedly] the one who got Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes hooked on cocaine.

This loosely handled segue came from a chat Gopane had with his co-host about the tragic death of AKA’s fiancee Anele Tembe. In the clip, Gopane and his mate were dissecting the words of Tembe’s father who, at her funeral, cryptically linked his daughter’s passing to the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse in South Africa’s youth.

Here is the clip where Gopane can be heard categorically claiming that according to Siyabonga Ngwekazi (who, by the way, has reportedly denied ever saying this), Matheba was the person who influenced AKA into the use of cocaine.

Matheba demands R500K in damages

Soon after the video clip went viral, on Sunday 9 May, Matheba’s attorneys issued a cease and desist to Gopane, instructing him to remove the clip from his content and issue a public apology to the House of BNG owner.

This approach, according to attorney Thomson Wilks, was not met with any action, despite Gopane’s acknowledgement of the instruction. Instead, Gopane “went into public hiding and refused to either respond to messages or calls.”

Here is the attorney’s letter that was served to Gopane on social media:

In essence, Gopane has until 16:00 on Monday to honour Matheba’s wishes of a public apology and recanting of all defamatory allegations placed against her.

If this is not adhered to, the media mogul will look to get the courts to strongarm Gopane into compliance.

The budding broadcaster will also have to gather a total of R500 000 in damages within a span of 10 days and pay it to Matheba for the hurtful untested claims that, if they held any water, would have tarnished her image in the boardrooms she sits in.

This was Gopane’s response to the entire ordeal: