10 lifestyle blogs for women

10 lifestyle blogs that encourage women’s growth

Published by Michè Edwards

A sense of support and community is important in the journey of a woman taking great strides to get where she wants to be. With unique differences and interests to every single woman, there’s a place to go that suit everyone’s needs. 

Lifestyle blogs that support women 

We list 10 lifestyle blogs that solely focus on community and support for Women, Trans, and Non-Binary people – all that encourage self love and healthy states of wellbeing.

1. 1.11evn 

1.11ven “One eleven” creates a space for the celebration of black women, and is a reminder that women out there are walking their own lane and that you can do it too. The digital magazine is “dedicated to celebrating women of colour, building community, and inspiring you to get it done” as they put. A scroll through the page will see some familiar faces of the females that have been shifting gear across the world. 

2. Bloom.org 

Bloom.org is a community that highlights creative female freelancers and entrepreneurs. They’ve built a platform for women where they commit to career growth while working at nurturing emotional well beings as female creatives. If you’re looking at listening to informative talks involving women in entrepreneurship, bloom.org is for you.

3. Female Collective

“Self love is not a destination, it’s an everyday practice” is what you read as you enter the female collective website. Founder, self love advocate Candace Reels started female collective to provide a space where women share their unique stories. Her instagram is filled with mindful quotes that stick with you. 

4. Blood and Milk

The Blood and Milk community is a support system of women awakening and stan to revolunize women’s mental health content. It began as a response to the lack of information about topics solely on the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of life in a female body.

5. Woman of the Womb

Women of the womb encourages women to make their holistic health a priority. Founder Ajané is all about cultivating and uplifting the sacred space that is your body, mind, spirit. She uses yoga, astrology, meditation, womb healing and many more tools that help maintain healthy states of being. 

6. The Holistic Psychologist 

In between posts of friends or the latest trends you’ll find the.holistic.psychologist page where a well of mental health prompts exists. Dr Nicole LePera is your therapist on the ‘gram as she dives into important topics from identifying inner-child wounds to what attachment trauma looks like.

7. Goddess Calendar 

Non-profit organisation, The Goddess Calendar believes in collaboration with one another to get to where we all need to be. The Goddess Calendar aims to feature 365+ businesses that ‘add consciousness & joy to your life + community’.  

8. Darling Magazine

For inspiration and motivation, head over to Darling Magazine. The magazine touches on many different spectrums such as relationship advice, heart and soul and culture and intellect. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or need a second opinion, they’ve got something you’d resonate with.

9. Salty

The unapologetic Salty publication is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, trans, and non-binary while touching on topics others would rather shy away. Body positivity is well celebrated and encouraged at Salty and is a good eye-opening read with a lot of authenticity and truth.

10. Create and Cultivate

Create and cultivate strives to support women who are stepping up to create and cultivate the career of their dreams. Their content is a sage of resources for budding and established entrepreneurs and women freelancers – that assists and guides these women in business.