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This is how Beyonce honoured Lizzo on her 32nd birthday

Avuya Walters - 29.04.2020

Beyonce acknowledging Lizzo makes it very clear that the ‘Juice’ star is an elite and all these bitches are her sons.

There are very few people walking this Earth happier than Lizzo is. Aside from her accolades in her music career, the 32-year-old got the best birthday gift ever: A personal message from Beyonce.

How Beyonce honoured Lizzo on her birthday

Lizzo, born Melissa Viviane Jefferson, turned 32 on Monday 27 April. Sure, the Juice singer is filthy rich and probably has greater space to breathe in quarantine but there still isn’t much to do in confinement.

Also, if anyone is important enough to have the entire music fraternity take the time to honour her day of birth, it’s Lizzo.

However, the last thing that even she expected was receiving a personalised, well-thought-out happy birthday message from the queen of contemporary music, and possibly the biggest star since Michael Jackson.

According to E Online, Bey shared a special tribute to Lizzo on her official website. It featured an old picture of Baby Lizzo with the message attached:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZO April 27, 1988.”

This was the singer’s reaction

Barely able to contain herself, the singer ran to her Instagram page to inform her 8.6 million followers.

“Beyoncé wished me [a] happy birthday. Beyoncé wished me [a] happy birthday on her website. She knows it’s my birthday!” She screamed.

The singer went on to thank Beyonce countless times, absolutely gobsmacked by the fact that the queen cared to recognise her existence.

“Thank you, Beyoncé. Oh, my god. Thank you, Beyoncé. She knows. She knows I exist. I don’t know what to do with myself. Wow, gonna sit with that one for a while,” she said.

This type of validation was the only gift Lizzo needed to feel reassured of her status in the music industry. It may have come at a perfect time since it is widely publicised how mainstream media treats the 32-year-old’s expression of her body.