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Studio 88 puts ‘fake sneakers’ claims to bed

Andile Sicetsha - 26.11.2020

Studio 88 had a thing to say about claims that the retailer sells fake sneakers.

A day after dealing with the backlash on social media, Studio 88 has released a statement, vehemently denying claims that the sneaker retailer sells fake Nike products.

Yet another retailer accused of selling fake kicks

Things went a bit awry for the store’s social media department when an ex-employee went on a rant on Twitter, accusing the retailer of selling fake Nike sneakers.

The ex-assistant manager of a Studio 88 branch which, till now, has not been identified, didn’t mince his words when he exclaimed the following in a series of tweets:

“Don’t nobody ever buy Nike products that are being sold at the store… they are all fake! They get one real product from Nike company and duplicate it themselves then sell it to you!”

Studio 88 responds to ex-employee’s claims

Of course, these claims were never accompanied by any substantial proof. It was the ex-employee’s word against the retailer and in the court of public opinion, the heckler always wins the verdict.

Studio 88 didn’t allow the fake news to stir on for much longer and on Thursday, the retailer released a statement clarifying a few things:

  • the music is only loud because “[their] playlists are fire”. It’s not a ruse to drown out the noise while fake Nike products are being reproduced;
  • their staff can be a bit much but that’s only because “they are there when you need them;
  • their prices are below market because they want customers to get more for their cash; and
  • their products are 100% authentic.

To our knowledge, the retailer has not pursued legal action against the former employee.