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Ex-worker accuses Studio 88 of selling fake sneakers

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Social media users who religiously shop at Studio 88 have been winded by allegations that the urban retail store sells fake sneakers.

Studio 88 accused of selling fake sneakers

This isn’t the first time such an allegation has been levelled against a South African retailer. First, it was Sportscene.

The TFG brand came under fire after Twitter users randomly included it in a list of retailers that were accused of selling redistributing fake sneakers.

These allegations, however, were unfounded and we were able to fact-check the fake news.

Studio 88 is the latest retailer to face such accusations. This time, though, the claims come from a Twitter user who recognised himself as a former employee of the retailer.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, the user revealed that he had just been fired from a store branch, where he worked as an assistant manager.

He warned:

“Don’t nobody ever buy Nike products that are being sold at the store… they are all fake!”

The damning accusation shocked many, spurring the brand to the top of the trends list.

The scorned ex-worker continued:

“They get one real product from Nike company and duplicate it themselves then sell it to you!”

Skipper Bar, Side Step also included in the mess

The former assistant manager, whose identity has not been revealed, added Skipper Bar and Side Step in the mix, claiming that they too sell fake Nike sneakers.

At the time of publishing this article, neither of the retailers mentioned above had issued a statement addressing the accusations.