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Cornwall Hill College: Parents plan anti-racism protests

Andile Sicetsha - 31.05.2021

Cornwall Hill College students are picketing at the Centurion school that’s been accused of protecting systemic racism.

Parents whose children attend Cornwall Hill College are expected to hold a demonstration outside the school, on Monday, to assert their demand for the axing of the principal.

Cornwall Hill College protests: What are parents demanding?

Tensions at the Centurion college have remained palpable since 2019, when former pupils of the school penned a 53-page dossier, detailing sordid details of an alleged systemic racist environment.

Pupils from the past and present described disturbing racial encounters in the petition, from the casual use of racist remarks to segregatory policies.

According to parents, 2019’s demonstrations have not yielded any change. Parents allege that out of a workforce of 66 teachers, only five are black. Pupils are allegedly split into lines at tuckshops and assemblies, based on the colour of their skin.

“We’ve noticed that the intake for black learners is also significantly low so it appears as though there is a system in place by the school stakeholders to hinder and derail efforts to transform and ensure our children are in an inclusive and diverse environment,” one parent told IOL News.

On Monday, parents will use their voices to demand change and Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesuif will be expected to make an appearance at Cornwall Hill College to mitigate the situation.

In a statement, the MEC said:

“We are informed that some parents have made allegations of racism against the school, to the extent that some have engaged in peaceful protest outside the school to voice their displeasure. The MEC’s visit coincides with the protest by concerned parents, and he would want to intervene and make sure that all are happy after the engagement.”

These are the latest developments from outside the college, on Monday morning: