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Makamu interview: Bishop claims he wanted keys from woman [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 24.05.2021

Bishop Israel Makamu offered his side of the story in the sex scandal that’s tarnished his image.

Bishop Israel Makamu was back in the spotlight once again after Moja Love TV aired the latest episode of AmaBishop, with the show’s suspended host ironically bracing the hot seat.

Bishop Israel Makamu says he wanted keys

This special edition was hosted by Nimrod Nkosi, along with a panel of prominent religious figures. Makamu, who’s faced weeks of ridicule on social media, finally addressed the infamous voice recording and offered a different version of events.

According to the disgraced bishop, the phone conversation between him and an unknown woman had nothing to do with sex, despite the innuendos that reverberated from the recording.

Instead, Makamu indicated, he’d only made the phone call to the woman because he was looking to make arrangements to go fetch a set of keys.

This is a contrasting version from the statement he released two weeks ago, where he vehemently stressed that the audio recording was from 2017 and was altered by the woman who’d allegedly used it to try and extort money from him.

Here is a compilation of everything the bishop said in the interview:

Makamu faces criminal charges in sex scandal

As things stand, Makamu remains on suspension pending the outcome of an internal probe at Moja Love TV. His wife, Hloniphile, has opted to keep away from the shenanigans. From what we understand, the couple is still working on things following the public blow-out of the sex scandal.

Moreover, the woman in the audio recording has, according to News24 reports, opened a criminal case against the bishop. Speaking to Drum Magazine, she said:

“I want him to be arrested and to never do what he did to me or anyone else.”