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LISTEN: Bishop Makamu caught soliciting sex from woman [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 12.05.2021

Bishop Makamu claims the audio recording is from 2017 and was altered by the woman who’s trying to extort him.

Revered religious leader and host of Moja Love TV’s Rea Tsotella, Bishop Israel Makamu has been caught on tape soliciting sex from a woman.

Bishop Makamu caught in sex scandal

Social media took off in a frenzy after Makamu was heard in a recorded phone conversation, apparently asking an unidentified woman for sexual favours.

The woman vehemently denied his advances, yet the bishop persisted, asking the woman multiple times to agree to have sexual relations with him.

Here is the full audio recording:

Makamu steps down from Rea Tsotella

Following the audio leak that’s since gone viral, Moja Love TV confirmed in a statement that Makamu had voluntarily stepped down as host of _Rea Tsotella.

“Moja Love has accepted Bishop Makamu’s decision to voluntarily step down from the channel pending an internal investigation, after a recording with sexual connotations has been circulating.

“As a channel we will be conducting an internal investigation regarding the matter before Bishop Makamu is reinstated back to the channel,” the reality TV network noted.

According to Moja Love, Makamu has vehemently shot down claims that he was soliciting sexual favours from the unidentified woman. In fact, the religious leader claims the audio recording is from 2017.

“He says the lady in the recording worked for him and their conversation was not sexual in any manner and it was altered to extort money from him,” the network added.

Head of Channel Bokani Moyo chimed in on the situation, stating that “as a channel, we take this recording very seriously.”

“We have started an internal investigation and are reaching out to the lady in the recording to find out the events around the recording. One of our properties, AmaBishop, reveals behind-the-scenes shenanigans that pastors and bishops engage in and impose on the public. We cannot ignore a recording of this nature where one of our hosts is implicated,” Moyo stressed.

Makamu will know of his fate as host of the popular reality TV show once investigations into his alleged sex scandal conclude.