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Five creative activities to do in Cape Town

Michè Edwards - 01.04.2021

Spark your creativity with these five arts and craft activities in Cape Town.

In a city that screams music, food and diversity buzzing all around, Cape Town is deeply rooted in art. The Mother City allows you to stretch your creative muscles with activities that push the wonders of your imagination.

Get creative with these five arts and craft activities in Cape Town 

Learn a thing or two about an unfamiliar craft, yourself and others with these five activities in Cape Town.

1. Paint and sip

Doesn’t the combination of local foods and the Capes quality wine-tasting sound like a fun occasion? It is just that. A wine and painting experience will have you sipping on a deep woody shiraz while you paint away with maroon tones. Many of these paint and sip affairs are set in alluring destinations some located in Franshoek, Durbanville and the CBD. 

2. Clay and pottery

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands at work in a clay and pottery class. A pottery class allows you to expand and stretch your creative mind while getting together with like-minded folk as you all try your hand at this new endeavour. Plus, you get to take your design home and you easily have a new clay cup or bowl added to your kitchen. 

3. Gin mixing

Keep ahead of the ‘it thing’ that is Gin with a Gin mixing experience. Gin has brought a sort of creative flair to the spirits world with so many people wanting to gain an inside scoop on how to mix up a decent layered drink. The mother city holds a can of hidden gems that houses some of the best gin-mixing bars where the vibes reside.

4. Chocolate making

If you’re a sweet tooth looking to pair that with a creative time, an evening of chocolate making is your best shot. Take a walk through some of Cape Town’s oldest chocolate factories and enjoy a full tasting and introduction to how cocoa beans are farmed with step-by-step demonstrations of how chocolate is made.  

5. Photography and street art tour

Cape Town holds some of the most opulent museums and galleries filled with the photography work of world-renowned artists, many of which who call South Africa home. On a photography tour you may expect to visit galleries but what’s even more exciting are the street-art tours where you find ever-evolving art featuring the best street artists of this era. 

activities in Cape Town