Kay Yarms

Kay Yarms makes it to the top of the trends list again

Zintle Nkohla - 22.06.2021

Kay Yarms makes it to the top of the trend lists as the most progressive queen in the game, again!

Khethokuhle Ngonyama, known as ‘Kay Yarms’, has been trending under ‘MakeKayProud’ for reasons we are about to uncover.

Everyone wants to be like her — and that’s because she is the most progressive person you’ll ever meet, and her work ethic is out of this world.

Who is Kay Yarms?

She’s a beauty content creator with more than 100 000 subscribers on YouTube, with a major highlight of having worked with Maybelline right at the start of her creative content career. One of the biggest brands she’s currently working with is Louis Vuitton.

According to Drum, Ngonyama dropped out of Wits University in 2016, where she had been pursuing an Accounting degree. She was acquainted with her love for beauty when she was still in there. She got into content creation right after she had dropped out.

“I’m the only girl at home, and my mother isn’t a big makeup fanatic, she’s always feared it messing up my skin, so I never got to explore that world until I lived in a girls’ res in school – that’s when I was exposed to all of these things. Even then, makeup wasn’t the first thing; I just enjoyed doing my hair a lot and stuff,” Ngonyama told Drum last year.

Ngonyama grew really fond of beauty and make-up, and realised that it wasn’t just about applying it and getting ready to go.

It was something she genuinely enjoyed. So, she started a YouTube channel in 2017. Her subscribers, which were mainly women, would ask her for tutorials on make-up. Her channel grew and she gained a lot of followers on social media too.

“The girls would ask me how I did certain things like eyebrows or whatever and teaching them how to do it really gave so much satisfaction. I’d watch YouTube tutorials to learn different techniques,” she told Drum.

What is ‘MakeKayProud’ trend about?

The ‘MakeKayProud’ hashtag has been at the high-end of the trends list, on Tuesday. It seems folks want to make Yarms proud.

Even people who are not into beauty and make-up and don’t even know who Yarms is, to begin with, have joined this trendy bandwagon. Although some of the tweets sound a little bit too far-fetched, the hashtag is actually inspiring people to get up and do stuff.

Here are some tweets that will make your day:

Those who genuinely love her content know her for her fun Instagram Lives. Last year, around the heavy lockdown days, Ngonyama would do step-by-step guides on how to get “snatched,” as most make-up enthusiasts would say. A lot of her followers loved and looked forward to her Insta Lives. A lot of people hopped on her ’21beats’ challenge last year, and it blew up.