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Mangaung shutdown: Violent protests break out in Bloem [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 17.05.2021

At least seven Mangaung shutdown protesters have been arrested in the violence that’s broken out in Bloemfontein. Here’s the latest:

Tensions are palpable in Mangaung, Bloemfontein, where a disgruntled community led a shutdown on Monday.

UPDATE: The Mangaung shutdown has resulted in the death of a 15-year-old boy, who was shot in a violent encounter with an armed warehouse security guard.

Mangaung shutdown: Police arrest protesters

As reported by Jacaranda FM, a large group of protesters, apparently from the community organisation Mangaung Community Concern, was out in numbers from Sunday evening, blocking key routes in Mangaung ahead of the shutdown.

By Monday morning, the following roads were closed off to traffic by burned tyres and rubble:

  • George Lubbe Street
  • Moshoeshoe Street
  • Taelo Moloisiwa Street
  • Dr Belcher Road

Motorists and public transit commuters were forced to find alternative travel routes as tensions continued to simmer with public order police in a standoff with protesters.

From what we understand, at least seven protesters have been arrested and charged with public violence. This, however, has not deterred the protests.

Mangaung Community Concern leaders Themba Zweni and Lily Tsoeu revealed, in a statement, that the Mangaung shutdown is a final resort after years of non-compliance and neglect perpetrated by the metro’s council.

”Bloemfontein was once the City of Roses but today it’s a capital of Potholes. We can’t open our windows as the stench from raw sewerage running on our streets is unbearable and we are no longer certain as to how long are we going to have water as the Municipality owes BloemWater,” the group said.

These are just some of the video clips that have surfaced online: