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King Monada response to Big Zulu turns into internet meme [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 02.06.2021

King Monada wanted to send a strong message to Big Zulu. Instead, he turned into an internet meme. Pray for that man.

King Monada may want to reconsider his participation in the teased celebrity bout against brawny Big Zulu if this clip of him sparring with a punching bag is his best foot.

Watch: King Monada responds to Big Zulu’s taunting

It seems the Dzena Mo star may have bitten off more than he could chew in challenging Zulu to a boxing match. The Mali Eningi crooner was hesitant at first, but unable to ignore this magnificent PR grand slam, Zulu reconsidered.

To tease what’s in store for the lanky Monada, Zulu dropped a slow-mo clip of his handwork in the ring andโ€ฆ gulp.

It took Monada a few hours to rebut with his own showing of skill. However, what he hoped was a stern warning to Zulu ended up as the latest addition to the internet’s immense library of tear-jerking memes.

As soon as Monada’s attempt at a show-off surfaced on social media, meme wizards took off with hilarious takes. Here are a few we picked out: