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ANC, MKMVA to protest outside eNCA building

Published by Andile Sicetsha

The outrage against eNCA‘s Lindsay Dentlinger has transcended past a regular social media trend. This time, political organisations are involved and things are starting to turn against the seasoned reporter.

ANC, MKMVA to protest at eNCA building

It has been almost a week since the edited footage showing Dentlinger using questionable practices when interviewing political leaders of different races surfaced on social media and yet, the calls for her removal have grown louder by the day.

ANC veteran and leader of the ruling party’s military wing Carl Niehaus took to Twitter, on Sunday, to inform the e-Media broadcaster that a picket will be held outside its headquarters, on Monday.

Much of this outrage came after eNCA released a statement, claiming that upon review of Dentlinger’s coverage of the budget speech reactions, it found no racist or offensive conduct from the reporter.

EFF wants eNCA, Dentlinger banned from Parliament

Facing no disciplinary action from her employer is the least of Dentlinger’s worries. The reporter did, however, reach out to IFP leader Mkhuleko Hlengwa and apologised for her actions, a move that highly contradicts eNCA’s tone in their statement.

Hlengwa noted that a meeting has been scheduled for this week, where the reporter will sit down with IFP leaders to discuss the incident at length and map a way forward.

The outcomes of this meeting may be shadowed by the EFF’s attempt to call an inquiry into Dentlinger and her employer. The Red Berets, per SABC News, has submitted a request to National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise, requesting an urgent symposium on the broadcaster’s alleged anti-black coverage.

In their application, the EFF claims the news broadcaster violated Section 9.4 of the Constitution which states that “no person may unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone.”

β€œIn essence, the eNCA abused MPs on our precinct and has refused to acknowledge this harm, despite calls by the general public to do so. In the name of the constitution, parliament and the people of South Africa the Speaker must not allow racism to occur with impunity,” the party wrote in a statement.

Ultimately, the EFF wants eNCA and Dentlinger permanently banned from the parliamentary precinct and hit with a fine. The decision, however, rests with Modise who has yet to provide feedback on the EFF’s request.