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Lindsay Dentlinger to meet with IFP leaders

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Seasoned journalist Lindsay Dentlinger is said to have reached out to IFP leaders with an apology after the recent racial row she faced.

IFP confirms sit down with Lindsay Dentlinger

The party’s Mkhuleko Hlengwa wrote in a tweet that he received a call from Dentlinger “apologising for the events of [18 February].”

“However, understanding apologies to be only meaningful when accompanied by a journey, we’ve agreed to meet next week,” he wrote.

Hlengwa made note of eNCA‘s recent statement which, by all accounts, was defensive in its tone. The IFP leader confirmed that a letter has been sent to the broadcaster, the contents of which are unknown at this time.

eNCA launches defence on discrimination accusations

Following the widespread backlash on Dentlinger’s perceived racial preferences, the E-Media broadcaster issued a statement.

In it, John Bailey, eNCA‘s Managing Editor, stated that the reaction to the viral clip of Dentlinger’s questionable work practices was “an inaccurate and unfair image of her work.”

“In an intense live broadcast environment like the Budget Speech coverage, our journalists are under pressure to remain compliant while delivering fair, accurate and balanced news. The journalist had to contend with being live on air and taking producer instructions via her earpiece and unfortunately failed to request that the interviewee wear a mask,” said John Bailey in reference to Dentlinger’s treatment of John Steenhuisen and Pieter Groenewald.

Regarding the manner in which IFP leaders Hlengwa and Nqabayomzi Kwankwa were handled, however, Bailey chalked it up to the “intense live broadcast environment.”

“After carefully analyzing the situation, we understand that given the pressure of the live TV environment such unplanned occurrences can occur. Through our deliberations, we have found that there is no mal intent on the part of the journalist,” Managing Director, Norman Munzhelele said.

Away with racial microaggressions, EFF shouts

Suffice it to say, eNCA‘s response was not taken kindly. The EFF, in their statement, stressed the disturbing aspects of Dentlinger’s behaviour.

For the Red Berets, the journalist displayed “racist microaggressions when she constantly instructed black party leaders… to wear a mask.”

“The actions of the journalist of Enca vindicate the EFF’s position that there is a culture of racism and factionalism at the Enca, where the disrespect of black people thrives,” the party wrote.

Dentlinger, whose been the subject of a divisive topic that’s polarised discourse in South Africa for 27 years, at least, has not issued a public statement on the incident.