buss it challenge

SA celebs with the best ‘Buss It challenge’ clips [video]

Posted by Avuya Walters

Everywhere you turn on social media, there is a woman on her knees doing the ‘Buss It challenge’, much to our appeasement, might we add.

What is the Buss It challenge?

Yet another TikTok sensation that has pretty much placed Texas rapstress, Erica Banks, on the map, the Buss It challenge involves slicing together a clip of you looking ‘busted’ or ‘worn out’ from ‘bussing it’. Then, right when the excerpt from Nelly’s Hot In Herre cuts off, is when you drop into a crouch and shake your tail feather.

SA celebs with the best Buss It clips

Suffice it to say, this challenge has taken over the internet and we can’t deal. South Africa’s celebrities have also joined the globally viral challenge and we did our utmost best to pick out some of our favourites without completely losing our minds.