Logical Rhymez

Logical Rhymez and Grace Note get spiritual for ‘Summer Is Ours’ [audio]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Logical Rhymez teamed up with Grace Note to release their Collab album titled Summer Is Ours bringing hip-hop listeners some pleasing music.

How did Rhymez and Note impress?

The two artists took a simple approach with the project, bringing us soft tunes with faint beats, dope rhymes, and brilliant melodies.

This isn’t your usual hip-hop album so don’t expect a lot of songs with heavy 808s, trap snares, and hi-hats although some songs do incorporate that style.

Instead, you’ll be blessed with songs that have the artists rap and sing about what goes on through their lives on the daily.

The beats used on the album bring a touch of gospel music, using soft piano keys, synth sounds that create a spiritual environment and some songs using lovely samples in the background like the track Happy Meal.

The project has no other features with Rhymez and Note taking on the whole project themselves, doing a great job at showcasing their talents.

The album is packed with 16 tracks having an impressive run-time of 43:09.

Standout tracks that we enjoyed were Happy Meal, Long Live, and Wake Up.

Check out the project, now available on most streaming platforms.

Logical Rhymez keeps moving forward

Although Rhymez has worked alongside some of the biggest musical talents in South Africa, he has yet to reach the top level remaining in the underground scene.

He’s been in the music scene for around five years having released his earliest work like Way Up (2016), Maltown Anthem (2017), and Gelegexani (2017) all released on Soundcloud.

However, where he’s been successful is in the beat production world, going on to work with acts like Mashbeatz, Wordz, Ex-Global and Today’s Tragedy Tomorrow’s Memory’s A-Reece.

Rhymez has also released some previous bodies of work like BeatJunkey (2020) and A BLESSING IN DISGUISE (2020).

With the release of Summer Is Ours, Rhymez still has the talent to get his name to the next level, and fans over on social media have been showing the project love.