A-Reece returns with ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape’

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

A-Reece finally unveiled one of the most heavily anticipated projects to come out of 2021, gifting fans with the classic Reece they all fell in love with.

What to expect from the tape?

The 13 track project is filled with classic Reece storytelling giving his fans a little more insight into what goes through the mind of the young genius.

The rapper talks about a whole lot of things that occur in his life on a daily basis.

He talks on dealing with his enemies, the issues he has to go through in his love life, and his mission to secure as much wealth as he can.

The beat selection, produced by MashBeatz, on this project is outstanding, having some of the most interesting samples and instrumentals.

Reece is able to dominate every one of these beats, impressing his many fans with his lyrical talent.

The project includes a handful of guest appearances like BeloSalo, Ayanda Jiya, Wordz, and Stogie T with a few more others contributing to the tape.

The project is an impressive body of work from Reece, proving to everyone why he’s one of the biggest rappers in the nation.

Check out the mixtape, available now on all streaming platforms.

Was the beef between A-Reece and MashBeatz all for publicity?

Just earlier in March 2021, many Reece fans raised eyebrows once they had found that the rapper and his producer had stopped following each other on social media.

This lead to speculation that the two were in the middle of a fallout with many refusing to believe this could’ve been the end of the dynamic duo.

However, with the recent release of Reece’s mixtape, with the project mainly produced by MashBeatz, it could’ve all just been a publicity stunt to drive attention towards the project release.

Either way, fans continue to praise Reece and Mash’s incredible talent to produce some of the best music in South Africa.