Lethabo Acid

Lethabo Acid pays homage to Wu-Tang on his new release ‘Cream’

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The upcoming Johannesburg rapper Lethabo Acid finally released his new Wu-Tang Clan inspired single titled Cream, leaving his fans begging for more.

What to expect from the track?

In this song, Acid mixes his lyrical talent with his impressive singing ability.

The track pays homage to the legendary Wu-Tang Clan hit song, also titled Cream, with the young rapper repeating the famous line “Cash rules everything around me” as the chorus for the song.

The rapper goes on to talk about dealing with his enemies, living life like a Rockstar, and his aim to make as much money as possible hence the chorus.

The beat, being produced by NotBenjamin, is a fun and bumpy tune with an interesting sound as the sample making any listener want to sing along to the catchy hook.

It’s clear to see that Acid had a lot of fun on this joint, and with the hype surrounding his upcoming debut album titled ANTI HERO COMPLEX, we can’t wait to hear what more this star has to offer.

Lethabo Acid: The potential for superstardom?

Not only is Acid a rapper, but the young talent is also a singer, songwriter, and producer having made a name for himself in the Johannesburg music scene.

The rappers’ earliest work can be found on his Soundcloud with tracks like My Face, Most Nights, and Heavens Highway.

Acid began to pop off after his involvement in the hip-hop group known as Treehouse& alongside Fetti and the well-known J Molley.

However, the group eventually split off to find their own paths with Acid going on to release more music like his tracks Galaxy Drip, Bling Bling Piece, and Jetski.

The rapper took a long hiatus from the music world but it seems like Acid is back in the game after the release of Cream and we can’t wait for the release of his first complete body of work.

Check out the single, available now on all platforms.