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ASAP Shembe unveils visuals to ‘Sisindiswe’ [video]

8 March 2021 - 17:50

ASAP Shembe drops music video for Sisindiswe.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

South African Hip-Hop recording artist, singer, songwriter and producer ASAP Shembe finally released the highly anticipated music video to his track Sisindiswe.

Sisindiswe: The true meaning

In this music video, the talented artist from East Rand, Gauteng, details the hardships he had to endure throughout the year of 2020 and how his only salvation was to literally get down on his knees and find his strength through God.

The song feels like a heavy prayer with the visuals showcasing the harsh realities many South Africans had to go through during the pandemic and this is captured through moments in the video where Shembe is surrounded by pastors and churchgoers, spreading the word of god.

Who is ASAP Shembe?

Born and bred in the dusty streets of Vosloorus, Shembe has always displayed a natural liking towards Hip-Hop.

The rappers childhood of always being surrounded by music definitely influenced his decision to pursue a career in the art of music, going on to start his career as a musical artist in 2016.

He’s gone on to release multiple bodies of work such as Butter, Inkinga, Butter 2, Insila and his highly praised album titled Amarekere which released in 2020, giving us listeners a truly memorable listening experience.

The future of filmmaking

The music video itself, is brilliantly directed by frequent collaborator Thomas Hazey and Shembe himself, showing off their creative abilities in music filmmaking.

Having Nkaba alongside him to shoot the video, Shembe brings out the true beauty of Vosloorus.

Displaying the long stretches of veld, the grey heavens and worn out vehicles, this video captures everything that makes this beautiful rural township what it is.

“Cultivating a grateful heart while practicing daily thankfulness, There is beauty in giving God thanks, the more we thank him, the more we see him working through us. Gratitude helps us sense God’s presence, His care and his perfect timing. Siyabonga mdali,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

With music videos like these being produced by young South Africans, the future of music filmmaking is sure to impress many in the near future.

Since it dropped, the music video has been seeing a lot of praise on social media and many are anticipating what more the East Rand artist has in store for us this year.