A-Reece Joey Fatts

A-Reece unveils the release date for ‘WHERE YOU AT’ alongside Joey Fatts

3 May 2021 - 10:53

A-Reece let’s fans know the release date for ‘WHERE YOU AT’ alongside U.S rapper Joey Fatts confirming the rumours.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Pretoria rapper, A-Reece, finally revealed the release date for his collaboration with the United States rapper, Joey Fatts.

What was revealed by A-Reece and Joey Fatts?

On Sunday night, A-Reece would come out of the shadows, posting the cover image for WHERE YOU AT on his social media.

He also let his fans know that it would be released to the public on Friday 7 May 2021.

Although many fans are excited to hear more music by Reece, they’re still left wondering if this is the full mixtape release or just a single from the two artists.

This wouldn’t be a surprise as many musicians tend to release a single to hype up any of their releases.

This will be the first collaboration project Reece has had with any international act so it’ll be interesting to see how he performs on the tape.

How did the mixtape come about?

Rumours of the mixtape started arising after Joey Fatts commented on one of Reece’s Instagram posts.

Ever since then, fans had been conspiring some sort of collaboration from the two talented lyricists.

This was eventually confirmed after Fatts had posted on his Instagram story that the collaboration mixtape was definitely on the way, with Reece himself reposting the same story.

Although many would love to see the Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory rapper work with an international artist, they still didn’t have much of an idea who Joey Fatts was.

One Twitter user even stated Reece would be putting Fatts in the spotlight instead of the other way round.

However, Fatts fired back simply saying he wasn’t too bothered about people thinking of him that way and he was just glad to be making good music alongside the Paradise rapper.

A snippet of one of the songs coming off the mixtape has been spreading over social media, having Reece spit his fire bars while Joey raps and dances along to it.