sites to sell products in South Africa

Four best online stores to sell products in South Africa

Panashe Ziramba - 02.07.2021

Here are four trusted online platforms to engage with customers and make money.

With the upgrade in technology and the normality that has been created through the pandemic, shopping online is something people are now more open to. Here are some popular online stores and apps to sell products in South Africa.

Four online stores to sell products in South Africa


TakeALot continues to grow every year. This platform is South Africa’s very own Amazon. Anything you may want to buy is available, from children’s books to kitchen appliances and home building equipment. Applying to sell is available straight on the website.


On Gumtree, customers and buyers are looking for trades or any type of agreement that can be done. Gumtree provides 902,270 live classified ads. Sellings cars, property, phones, pet accessories are all available on this website with many more options. Start by creating an account on the site. Post the ad with as many details as possible. Respond promptly and appropriately to enquiries from potential buyers but practice caution. Scammers have been known to frequent classified listings.


Yaga is a fashion-focused marketplace. Yaga also categorizes its fashion brands which include Zara, Nike, Adidas, Cotton On, etc. The platform is used more for second-hand items and fashion creations. Creating your account is easily done on the platform but marketing your products to people and other social media platforms is best for business.

Facebook Marketplace

With over five billion downloads, Facebook is the best place to sell and market your business. With an audience that big, there is bound to be some interested buyers. It is important to be as detailed as possible about your products and the transaction process. Here again, exercise caution as it is a potential goldmine for scammers.

How to sell products online in South Africa

The internet has made it possible to access anything you want. It is crucial to possess product knowledge and to have a solid roll-out strategy in order to choose the best way to sell your product. There are factors to consider when selling, such as:

  • Payment methods
    This is very important and it is even more important to choose a method that is available and easy for the majority of people. Complicated payment methods may throw off interested buyers. Instant EFT, is what more people gravitate towards.
  • Logistics
    Inform buyers what rates are charged for specific locations and what type of delivery system you work with. eg. Post Office, Post Net, Aramex, etc.
  • Selling nationally or locally
    This ties in well with logistics when needing to know what to charge for your products and what profit you aim to make.