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All Monsters Are Human: Three things we learned about K Michelle

Avuya Walters - 02.02.2020

K. Michelle laid it all bare on her latest album.

Sure, all monsters are human but look past the drama of her publicised lifestyle and the antics of reality TV, and you will find the best version of K Michelle.

All Monsters Are Human: Everything about K Michelle’s new album

The Memphis-born songstress has dished out her third studio album, All Monsters Are Human, and once again laid bare the traumas and adversities of her past with effortless vocal range.

K Michelle kicked off her project with a confessional Just Like Jay. On the song, she confronts her dispute and highly publicised exit from Atlantic Records.

The song was a lead single but as a statement to her critics, she released a music video that has since garnered a few views short of 500 000

The singer did not do too much shopping for features on All Monsters Are Human. The only guest appearances we see are on Supahood where she recruits the services of Kash Doll and the City Girls.

Three things we learned about K Michelle

The album gets our stamp of approval and after giving it a spin, these are the three things we learned about K Michelle.

She doesn’t want to be the next Mary J Blige

Many would argue that leaving Atlantic Records, a major record label with stars like Cardi B, was a bad business move. However, K Michelle hinted on Just Like Jay that her last straw may have been when the label tried to reinvent the new-age Mary J Blige.

“I walked away from Atlantic ’cause they wanted me to be Mary J / And the whole time I was thinkin’, “Who the hell gon’ be K?”

K Michelle on Just Like Jay: 2020

K Michelle loves her men Supahood

All Monsters Are Human is mostly jampacked with pure R&B goodies but K Michelle did not shy away from the hood anthem. On Supahood, she made it abundantly clear, with echoes from Kash Doll and the City Girls, that she likes her men rich and very much hood to the core.

Her heart is in Country music

True K Michelle fans will know that if the industry allowed it, she would be dishing out Country music. While she has steered clear from the genre in her music, she did give us a little taste on Ciara’s Prayer.

The Memphis songstress still has a lot to offer her fanbase and we definitely enjoyed All Monsters Are Human for the honest body of work that it is.