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Megan Thee Stallion returns with provocative new visuals [video]

Panashe Ziramba - 11.06.2021

Megan comes to step on men’s throats in her new single, Thot Sh*t.

Megan Thee Stallion has dropped her new single Thot Sh*t. the music video of which is very provocative and exposes us to her alter-ego, Tina Snow.

Who is Tina Snow?

Tina Snow was inspired by Stallion’s favourite rapper, Pimp C, who had his own alter-ego, Tony Snow. She describes this ego as “a more raw version of her” which we first meet in June 2018, on second her EP titled Tina Snow. The EP features her first track to enter the US Billboard Hot 100, Big Ole Freak. The EP contains nine other songs such as Cocky AF and Hot Girl.

Breakdown of Thot Sh*t music video

Thot Sh*t is aimed at empowering women to the highest point. In the video, we see a senator commenting under Stallion’s old music video Body, using words such as “whore”, “dirty” and “stupid” to describe her and supposedly all women.

He then proceeds to attempt to please himself to her video, but he receives a call from Snow, reminding him that women are the carriers of this world and that they control everything. The call goes completely over his head, and he goes back to pleasing his lust.

The whole music video becomes about him being haunted by women everywhere. Showing up as cleaners, bus drivers, police officers, as well as in his office and him being the only man around, something he could not run from.

The ending of the music video is one for the books so you definitely have to check it out below.

The video is filled with great visuals and choreography, it also contains explicit and provocative scenes. Watch it here first:

Hotties react to Megan Thee Stallion’s new song

Thot Sh*t has been out only a few hours and is already trending on number one in the US.

Megan’s fans, “hotties”, took the time to show their love and reactions to this new song. Check them out: