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Celina Powell pulls out receipts on Snoop Dogg scandal [photo]

Avuya Walters - 04.05.2020

Celina Powell has receipts to prove that she had unprotected sex with Snoop Dogg.

Any rapper who gets in bed with infamous YouTuber Celina Powell knows the risk involved and if there is any truth to the claims she’s made, then Snoop Dogg should’ve known better.

Did Snoop Dogg really cheat on his wife with Celina Powell?

Powell is unapologetic about her promiscuity. Her rise to fame is attributed to her inability to keep her sexual affairs with celebrities on the low.

The industry knows her too well and yet rappers continue to flock towards the 24-year-old. The most recent victim to fall for the trap is Snoop Dogg, according to Powell.

The first time we caught wind of this alleged affair was in December 2019, when Powell, as per the norm, took to social media to claim that the Los Angeles veteran rapper had unprotected sex with her.

Of course, things went downhill for the rapper from then, spurring a public confrontation between the young YouTuber and Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus.

The public spat between the two ended abruptly and the world forgot about Powell’s claims. In part, it was probably because the 24-year-old had jumped on to expose other rappers.

Powell pulls out the receipts

Powell is notorious for taking advantage of a situation and driving traffic, good or bad, over to her platforms for obvious marketing reasons.

This time, Snoop Dogg was on Instagram playing around, as he usually does, and out of nowhere, Powell popped up in the comments and reignited the sexual affair claims.

Snoop commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post about Hitman Holla’s alleged affair exposè (it turned out to be a prank he pulled on his girlfriend).

Powell’s rebuttal which, by the way, was unnecessary, caused an uproar and the YouTuber was not shy about pulling out receipts.


Do you believe that Snoop had indeed got involved in a sex affair with the YouTuber? The answer to this is something nobody needs to know.