Road to riches: Adopt these habits and you can be SA’s next millionaire

Swisher Post - 07.07.2020

Most people are not born rich, they apply a mindset that attracts wealth and it all starts with you.

You often find people who always say, “being rich is the easy part, the challenge is staying rich.”

This can be easily overlooked as one of those overly used catchphrases that hold little to no meaning. However, if you really understood what it took to attain riches, this simple saying would hold a lot more weight behind it.

You see, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vee puts it very clearly in one of his Tea with GaryVee webisodes. The thing about dreams is, they need to make you happy first before the attainment of said dreams can make you happy.

“Live your passion. What does that mean, anyway? It means that when you get up for work every morning, every single morning, you are pumped because you get to talk about or work with or do the thing that interests you the most in the world.

“You don’t live for vacations because you don’t need a break from what you’re doing—working, playing, and relaxing are one and the same. You don’t even pay attention to how many hours you’re working because to you, it’s not really work. You’re making money, but you’d do whatever it is you’re doing for free,” he says.

This ideology exists in all of us. Whether we are aware of it or not. The perfect image of ourselves, in our pursuit of riches, is that of a hard-working, very consistent and financially stable person.

However, much like it is with training’s famous saying, “no pain, no gain” it is impossible to attain riches if you don’t do hone these three habits into your everyday life.


The powerful part about starting off your journey to riches is the aspect of visualising and manifesting your goal.

It is said that once you see the future version of yourself, doing everything you wish for, it has already happened.

A transaction between you and the Universe has been completed and everything is there to fall in place if — and only if — you are willing to run the mile.

So, before you embark on your road to riches, have a clear goal in sight. What is the end goal? Driving that one-of-one supercar on the slopes of Peschiera Springs in Italy? Or is it achieving the highest commission for your company in the next financial year?

Whatever your goal is, be sure to visualise, feel it and see yourself existing in that future.


You’ve heard the popular idioms, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” or the iteration “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

These aren’t just words thumbsucked by people who have existed before us. Planning ahead is one of the foundations of every person’s success story.

To plan ahead means that by the time you are ready to act, you are already steps ahead of everyone else. So, right after you have visualised your goal, think hard about how you are going to achieve it. What resources do you need? How will you attain these? What actions will you take on a daily or weekly basis to proceed on your way to achieving your goals?

Plan ahead and you will soon reap the rewards of your efforts.


Hollywood actor and Malcolm X to those who aren’t well versed on America’s black history, Denzel Washington, gave a concise depiction of the impact inconsistency has on anyone with goals and ambitions.

“Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish,” he said.

Perhaps the most excruciating part about your journey to riches is the commitment to do the same thing over and over, and over, again until you’ve reached your goal.

This is by far harder than lifting weights. It is an attempt at controlling parts of your chemical construct which many try but fail to accomplish.

However, if you can do something twice, there is enough mathematical evidence to suggest that you can achieve the same feat over and over again.

With a clear vision in mind, coupled with a concise and actionable plan, being consistent becomes a formality.

These three habit changes are the foundation of every successful man’s road to riches.

Don’t thank us, pat yourself on the back for taking our words and putting them to use.