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Single momhood diaries: Is Angelina Jolie losing ‘cool’ points to Pitt?

Swisher Post - 06.04.2020

Tomb Raider next to any role Brad Pitt has ever played is easily the coolest. What’s wrong with these kids?

Since the official Mr and Mrs Smith split in 2016, Angelina Jolie has bossed single momhood in her busy life as box office top-draw and a philanthropist.

But, for teen kids, no amount of supermom powers will be enough to inspire a bit of adoration when it’s needed. Maddox (18), Pax (16), Zahara (15), Shiloh (13) Knox (11) and Vivienne (11) all live with Jolie.

Why is Angelina Jolie losing brownie points to Brad Pitt?

It’s been reported that following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, she and baby daddy Brad Pitt are tasked with overseeing the kids’ homeschooling.

According to International Business Times (lord knows why they are prying into celebrity gossip), Jolie has done a stellar job at this but her alleged iron-fist approach may have lost her brownie points.

Insiders claim that the kids would prefer spending their time in quarantine over at dad’s place.

“The kids still have a lot of fun but he insists they keep up with their studies and knows how important it is that they stay organized and on top of things since they’re homeschooled. He has them wash dishes and tidy up after themselves. But he joins in with them and makes it enjoyable, with them all helping each other,” a tipster reveals in an upcoming Star Magazine exclusive.

‘The kids reportedly love Pitt’s laid back environment’

The insider warned that this should not suggest that there is a rift between Jolie and Pitt. As a matter of fact, the couple has maintained an amicable co-parenting arrangement and while they are legally single, no divorce requests have been submitted by either party.

“All the kids go through phases of preferring their mom’s company, then their dad’s. Of course, they love and respect their mom, but now they feel much more settled in the laid-back surrounding of their dad’s house,” the insider said.