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PS5 price leak: Here’s how much a console could cost in SA

Andile Sicetsha - 15.09.2020

It seems, the PS5 prices have been leaked. Here’s what we know.

It seems that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) prices have leaked, only a day before the much-anticipated showcase event.

PS5 showcase: Here’s what to expect

Sony’s gaming giant is set to proceed further with its unveiling of the PS5, a virtual event that is scheduled to take place on YouTube and Twitch, on Wednesday 16 September 2020, from 22:00.

Part of the anticipation building around this event is answering the most important question that remains lingering, months after we were treated with exhibits of its exterior and performance features, and tantalising in-game simulations: how much will it cost?

Of course, the other question that accompanies the latter is, when will it be available for purchase? Perhaps, PS5 fans are willing to accept early bird pre-orders and details of this will most probably feature in the forthcoming presentation.

For some, the anticipation is part of the culture at Sony. Others, however, could wait no longer and thus, have reportedly found their long fingers around the envelope that holds all the classified information we listed above.

Leaked: PS5 console 2020 price, release date details

If we are to believe the reputed tech reporter, then the 2020 price of the PS5 console has been leaked. An image that lists the inventory of Spanish retailer El Corte Inglès has been circulated on social media and it’s said that on it, there are prices totals of items label under “PS5 1”, “PS5 2”, “Xbox One Serie X1” and “Xbox One Serie X2”.

Based on this leak, the PS5 console prices in South Africa, could be confirmed by Sony as follows:

Please note: All prices listed below are estimates alleged by a third party. Tax is excluded.

  • PS5 version one: R9 759.00
  • PS5 version two: R7 804.00

While the leak has yet to be verified, the estimates are not too farfetched.

If you have been saving up to be the earliest in line to place your PS5 order, it would be sensible to have an amount in that ballpark saved up.