SimulationRxps drops the visuals to his song ‘KALOK’ [video]

4 May 2021 - 10:40

SimulationRxps keeps dropping bangers, releasing the track and music video to ‘KALOK’ elevating his name in the Xhosa Rap scene.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town prospect, SimulationRxps, released his 2021 single titled KALOK pairing the tune with a crazy music video.

KALOK: What you can expect from SimulationRxps

SimulationRxps is well known for his creative musical output, designing some enjoyable Xhosa Hip-Hop songs.

In Kalok, he does not fail to do so, producing a menacing track where he talks about his life as an artist in the rap game.

The track uses heavy trap beats, implementing a heavy use of 808s and bass creating a bouncy trap tune for many to enjoy.

We can thank another Cape Town talent, Orish, who produced the entertaining beat.

The track only lasts 1:32 which is really short, however, it still does a decent job of not disappointing.

A music video to go with the track

The Capetonian rapper paired the track with an intriguing music video that goes perfectly with the song.

The visual has some cool shots of Sim and a blonde lady posing in front of the screen.

They also use an interesting visual effect that gives off the illusion that it was filmed with a retro VHS camera.

Other visual effects that were done well was the way the video kept buffering, bringing a dope style to the video.

Sim had the popular editor and director, Damndemarco, bring the visual experience to life.

Check out the music video, now available on YouTube.

What are people’s reaction to the song

It’s no surprise to see Hip-Hop lovers showing love for what Sim produces in the music world.

Cape Town is ever-expanding with new Xhosa artists on the rise.

However, Sim remains as one of the top prospects alongside acts like Bravo LeRoux or Lookatups.

He has gifted fans with some enjoyable music and he’s been impressing with his vision when creating visual experiences.

His music video for Ezay Zolo is the perfect example of his visual creativeness.

Here are some of the kind words the Cape Town rapper received over social media.