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illRow drops ‘Patience of a Doctor’ EP – Listen [audio]

Published by Avuya Walters

Brandon ‘illRow’ Titus provides an accurate diagnosis of the state of race and classism in Cape Town, possibly the most segregated city in South Africa, in his new EP Patience of a Doctor.

Who is illRow?

Titus wears his heart on his sleeve and never shies away from addressing the elephant in the room. Born and raised in the eastern periphery of the Mother City, the Kaapstad rapper has always had an ear for music.

In his tenure as an up-and-comer, illRow has produced and engineered for the city’s finest. However, it seems, his calling lies in his songwriting ability.

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The music industry needs a socially conscious voice and illRow is fast becoming the spokesperson for the voiceless.

Patience of a Doctor EP is out now – Listen

To kick off what he claims to be a year he’s long prepared for, illRow dropped off a five-track EP. Short and punchy, yet there is enough in there to inspire dialogue about identity, poverty and the economic exclusion of non-white people.

From the rapper’s own words, this EP was initially meant to feature guest appearances but in the 11th-hour, illRow opted for a solo expedition.

“To all the producers/artists who was ‘posed (sp) to contribute to this project, I do apologize, as the decision to work both my projects solo (The EP & LP) was nothing personal, and was purely just a need for me to reflect on myself without involving anyone else as this would distort the vision for the concepts I had in mind,” he wrote

Patience of a Doctor is out on every digital streaming platform and you can listen to the EP in full HD below: