Guy Onke

Guy Onke assembles Cape Town talents for the ‘iiWay’ remix [audio]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town artist Guy Onke managed to team up with multiple Mother city rappers to reinvent his hit single iiWay.

Guy Onke: What we got from the jam-packed iiWay remix

Cape Town has been seeing a huge boost in the Xhosa rap genre with multiple talents emerging from the city.

The original version of Onke’s iiWay, that released in 2020 on his IZANDI ZOMOYA project, was considered a decent song elevating Onke’s presence in the hip-hop scene.

However, with the release of the remix that released on the 26th of March 2020, almost a year later, Onke created a song Cape Town could bump to.

The song features the talents of Onke, Bravo LeRoux, GREEK, BhutLegend, and SimulationRxps all doing their part to creating a banger.

The song is filled with the different artists telling their story about their amusing moments with the ladies, dealing with their rivals, and their exciting Cape Town lifestyle.

The beat creates a weird atmosphere for the song using a high-pitched flute noise that hangs above the hard 808s and snappy hi-hats resembling sounds of some horror movie.

However, the artists do a good job at maintaining the vibe, creating a really fun and bumpy tune for many to enjoy, and is one that Cape Town should be proud of.

Check out the song, now available on all streaming platforms.

What’s next for the Cape Town Xhosa Rap scene?

As we complete the first quarter of 2021, Cape Town has already seen several Xhosa rappers emerging from the shadows.

Coming from the underground music scene, many artists now represent their home township carrying their neighborhoods on their shoulders.

Although she’s not the originator, Dee Koala blew up the genre, especially with the release of her 2019 debut album 4 the Khaltsha.

Fast forward up until now, and we have seen a handful of Xhosa rappers stepping up into the rap game with Bravo LeRoux’s Amandla alongside Yanga Chief as well as Soul T also working with Yanga on the track Idyan.

Cape Town still has a long way to go when it comes to competing with the Johannesburg and Pretoria music scene, however, more good music like this will elevate the Cape Town music scene.