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‘Retrench Peter Ndoro’ – SA xenophobes gun after Zim-born anchor

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Seasoned SABC News anchor Peter Ndoro is the subject of a xenophobia-induced trending hashtag that calls for his exit.

Calls for Peter Ndoro to leave SABC expose deep-rooted xenophobia in SA

This comes a day after more than 600 employees were retrenched by the public broadcaster.

The ‘put South Africa first’ faction of social media, spearheaded by anti-foreigner commentators, called out the state-owned broadcaster for placing hundreds of its citizens out of work, while the likes of Ndoro, who is Zimbabwean, have kept their positions.

This distasteful sentiment left many, including EFF leader Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, frustrated by the sheer arrogance displayed by these xenophobes.

SABC under the spotlight for retrenching staff to save money

Anchor Desiree Chauke could barely contain her emotions when she made the announcement in a televised broadcast that left many with a great deal of distaste for the public broadcaster.

“I apologise I am not able to finish the link, can I ask the producers to take a break,” Chauke pleaded as she choked on her own tears on live television.

According to SABC CEO Madoda Mxakwe, 621 employees have been sacked, in a bid to save R700 million in salaries this year. 346 workers opted to take a voluntary severance package, while 275 staff members were deemed to be in positions that are deemed to be redundant.

“The retrenchment process has been extremely difficult for all stakeholders and became emotionally charged at times. However, despite these challenges, the Section 189 process was a necessary component of the SABC’s turnaround plan to ensure the public broadcaster’s long term financial sustainability and capacity to fulfil its extensive public mandate,” Mxakwe said.