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Watch: Nadia Jaftha pulls towel prank on her mom [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Social media influencer and fashion YouTuber Nadia Jaftha has us all in cackles from the hilarious prank she pulled on her mom.

We are dead sure that for the elderly Jaftha, the towel prank was the least funny act her daughter has ever pulled off.

Watch: Nadia Jaftha pulls off towel prank on her mom

In the video, which you can watch below, Jaftha pretends to film a self-help video on a rash that’s broken out on her face and along her torso.

She does this in a room with her mom who, by the looks of it, is very conservative. Before Jaftha moves to unwrap her towel, her mom jumps up and stops her, prompting her to cut the video off and “say goodbye to [her] fans.”

The mom was in such a panic, she knocked the phone off from where it was placed. Jaftha stays in character and places the phone back where it was and continues recording.

Before the mom could talk her daughter out of recording any further, Jaftha quickly unwrapped the towel to expose a boobtube dress.

In her mom’s head, though, Jaftha had just exposed her naked body to thousands of onlookers. But, she quickly learned that this was yet another prank Jaftha had pulled.

The video ends with the influencer’s mom scolding her and shoving her in sheer frustration.

You can watch the hilarious prank below:

Who is Jaftha and why is she famous?

Nowadays, famous influencers are popping up everywhere. However, if we had to put it in simple words, Jaftha may be one of the few originators of influencership in South Africa.

She credits herself as an actress and singer. She is also a beauty and fashion YouTuber with more than 400 000 Instagram followers.

Jaftha is revered by her peers and growing fanbase for her physical attributes and her fashion tastes.