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Black Twitter did it again – Marie Stopes suspends Dr Dhlamini

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Marie Stopes has heeded the calls of Black Twitter to take action against Dr Melusi Dhlamini, a user who shot to infamy overnight.

Who is this Dr Melusi Dhlamini?

Suffice it to say, Twitter was a dark place on Tuesday. It all went south when Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho posted a cringe clip from his Podcast & Chill with MacG show where they were having a laugh over insensitive and transphobic jokes.

Soon, the LGBTQI+ community dealt with the troubled podcaster and since then, sponsors like Old Mutual have cut ties with Mukwevho and his show.

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This backlash, unfortunately, gave the likes of Dr Dhlamini, an ally of the LGBTQI+ community, a platform to make their voices heard and boy, did he make a mess of it.

Dr Dhlamini, unprobed, confessed that he, at some point in his past, drove an alleged homophobe to take his own life.

Marie Stopes deals with one of its own

The tweet wasn’t digested as well as he’d hoped. Soon, the LGBTQI+ community turned against one of its own, Even the likes of TV presenter Andile Ncube chimed in with condemnation for Dr Dhlamini’s gall. However, for Ncube, his advocacy was soon shrouded by wild allegations we won’t repeat on this platform.

Black Twitter’s campaign to have Dr Dhlamini cancelled paid off. The TOP clinic issued a statement, on Wednesday, noting that it was aware “of recent comments made by [Dr Dhlamini].”

“The employee in question has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation,” Marie Stopes wrote in a statement.

The clinic vowed to stay true to its commitment to providing “non-judgmental, client-centred healthcare.”

“This is an exception we uphold for all employees,” the statement concluded.

Dr Dhlamini’s Twitter account was suspended indefinitely and his Instagram profile has not seen any recent activity since the incident.