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Watch: DA’s Solly Msimanga embroiled in alleged theft scandal [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 06.05.2021

The bruised and battered DA leader Solly Msimanga is accused of stealing a businessman’s R1.5 million

Solly Msimanga, a man held in high regard in South Africa’s political circles has been thrust into a scandal that left the DA Gauteng leader bruised and battered.

UPDATE: Following the spread of the video footage embedded below, showing a bludgeoned Msimanga being accused of theft, the DA leader and the man involved in the scuffle have since released a public apology. In it, the pair claims the issue that caused the fisty encounter has been resolved and in fact, Msimanga is not involved in the disappearance of R1.5 million. See the apology video below:

Watch: Solly Msimanga embroiled in R1.5m scandal

Video footage showing Msimanga being scolded by an unknown man, with blood oozing out of his bruised lip and left eye, was shared by SABC News reporter Samkele Maseko on social media.

In it, a battered Msimanga was seen speaking to law enforcement officials on the phone, while the man behind the camera, a disgruntled businessman according to Maseko, could be heard accusing the DA provincial leader of stealing his R1.5 million.

The man whose identity has yet to be revealed claimed self-defence, stating that Msimanga suffered blows to his face after he had allegedly attacked the businessman.

More shocking was the claim that Msimanga, a high-ranking figure of South Africa’s official opposition party, was carrying a loaded weapon in his waist when the brawl took place.

The two went at it with accusations of assault thrown at each other before the video ends. While details around the incident are still sketchy, it is believed that the assault took place after the businessman approached Msimanga looking for his money.

Following the incident, the DA released a statement, calling for the immediate arrest of the man responsible for socking the party’s provincial leader.

“The DA condemns this vicious and criminal attack on the Provincial Leader. Our country’s constitution asserts the rule of law as a founding provision. If there is a disagreement, whether involving money or not, South Africans should commit to working through the parameters of the law to resolve their differences. No one has the right to take the law into their own hands, and compromise the rights of others, as what occurred today. Violence is definitely not the answer.

“Since this is a personal matter, the DA will respect Mr Msimanga’s decision on how to further deal with the matter,” the party wrote.

Thus far, no charges have been laid against the alleged aggressor.

You can watch footage of the altercation below: