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Watch: Anthony Davis buzzer-beater with ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ [video]

Posted by Avuya Walters

Anthony Davis is enjoying the praise from basketball fans all over the world after he pulled off an epic buzzer-beater in Game 2 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals.

Anthony Davis sees LA Lakers into Game 2 win

The Los Angeles Lakers faced the Denver Nuggets on Sunday evening. With a one-game advantage in the finals and Lebron James peeved with only getting 16 votes for the coveted MVP title, the Lakers were deadly on the onset.

However, with 2.1 seconds left on the shot clock in the fourth quarter, it was the Nuggets who stood as the clear victors. In basketball, though, a millisecond is too long to call a game before the buzzer beater sounds off..

Anthony Davis proved this to be true because, in a split second, his three-point clutch shot was the difference in a game that saw the Lakers clinched their second consecutive victory in the WCF.

‘It’s the biggest shot of my career’

When the ball plunged into that basket, it was absolute pandemonium on the Lakers dugout. Reacting to the win, Anthony Davis described this moment as the biggest of his career.

“It’s for sure the biggest shot of my career. When I left (New Orleans) I just wanted to compete for a championship. I know moments like this come with it. Especially being in LA, the biggest market in basketball,” he said.

Here’s more from AD in this short clip taken from his post-match interview:

LA Lakers vs Nuggets: AD’s game statistics

Social media has been buzzing with praises for Davis and based on his game statistics, it’s surely deserved.

  • 39 minutes played
  • 31 points scored
  • 11-23 field goals
  • 2-4 three-pointers
  • nine rebounds
  • two assists
  • one steal
  • two blocked shots

This highlight reel will be played back for a very long time to come. Thanks to the creatives on social media, you can now enjoy Davis’ buzzer-beater in slow motion, with Kanye West‘s Father Stretch My Hands synced.