eswatini king Mswati III

Eswatini King Mswati III reportedly flees to SA amid revolt

Andile Sicetsha - 29.06.2021

King Mswati III is believed to be hiding in Sandton amid pro-democracy riots in his kingdom.

The world has turned to Eswatini where the monarchy led by King Mswati III is under attack by its people.

As reported by EWN, the people of the tiny kingdom are revolting against the authoritative rule of Mswati’s dynasty that’s plunged the country in deep poverty.

What is happening in Eswatini?

At the centre of this revolt, according to reports, is the absence of democracy in Eswatini. The people have bowed to the king for far too long and now, a new era is dawning on the monarchy.

In response to this pro-democracy revolt, the Eswatini kingdom has met protestors with brute force, some alleging that the military has been deployed to drop tear gas from fighter choppers.

Thokozane Kunene spoke to the cited publication and revealed that the protests may have only received international media attention as late as Tuesday, but the revolt has been ongoing for a number of days.

“Last night, the arm choppers threw tear gas and were supported by the ground forces who were shooting at the protesters and the people on the road, injuring several of them and some are suspected to have died on the spot. But confirmation is still under way,” Kunene revealed.

Where is King Mswati III hiding?

The king’s businesses were targeted and torched and it’s believed there is a group searching tirelessly for Mswati III.

“It was discovered that the special jet for King Mswati left around 22.30 last night but we have discovered that had left earlier. He’s been hiding in Johannesburg, in the Sandton area,” Kunene claimed.

Thus far, that have been no sightings of Mswati III in Johannesburg. Neither the presidency nor the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) has issued a response to claims that South Africa is harbouring a man allegedly responsible for the pillaging of Eswatini’s resources.

The situation in Eswatini was still tense at the time this article was published. From what we understand, multiple protestors have been met with violence from the country’s armed forces. However, no official confirmation of casualties and injuries have been made.

This is a developing story.