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Duduzane Zuma fires back at NPA’s Batohi

Andile Sicetsha - 07.06.2021

Duduzane Zuma didn’t mince any words in his response to Shamila Batohi.

Duduzane Zuma had some words for NPA Director Shamila Batohi after she questioned his apparent escape from facing criminal charges in the 2014 car crash that cost a Zimbabwean woman her life.

Shamila Batohi questions Duduzane Zuma’s homicide acquittal

From what we understand, Zuma’s inclusion in Batohi’s comments was auxiliary to her criticism of Gauteng director of public prosecutions Andrew Chauke who, in her view, has handled a number of key cases with kid gloves.

Zuma, in February 2014, lost control of his Porsche on a highway in Sandton and crashed into a taxi at high velocity. A woman, Phumzile Dube, was instantly killed in the incident, and three others suffered injuries.

At first, the NPA refused to prosecute Zuma, citing a lack of evidence and poor conduct by the police to preserve the crime scene as its reasons.

It took the State four years to muster up the will to take Zuma to court on culpable homicide and reckless driving charges. However, the cases presented by prosecutors didn’t hold much weight in court and the son of former president Jacob Zuma was, in 2019, acquitted of all charges.

In a letter penned by Batohi and seen by Sunday World, the NPA’s national director of public prosecutions has reviewed the manner in which the Gauteng office handled the case against Zuma.

Duduzane Zuma responds to Batohi

While the matter may be permanently stricken off the roll, the man facing the music is Chauke who, according to reports, has a lot to answer for.

This did not stop Zuma from tossig his two cent into the legal row. This was his response shortly after Batohi’s comments surfaced on the internet.