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Vaccinated SA travellers can visit these countries

Andile Sicetsha - 04.08.2021

Vaccinated SA travellers, the world is starting to warm up to our passport and these countries are currently open to welcome you without a great deal of fuss.

South Africa is picking up steam with its inoculation drive and with international borders open, this has presented a ray of hope for vaccinated travellers who plan on going on holiday in Summer.

South Africa’s vaccination drive: What’s the latest?

So far, the country has administered more than 7.5 million jabs, 2.4 million of which are second doses. At Alert Level 3, South African travellers who’ve received a jab can go on international trips with the world slowly starting to warm up to our passport.

Currently, international flights can be only be boarded at:

Countries vaccinated SA travellers can visit right now

Disclaimer: It is important to consult government documentation and recent quarantine or testing requirements for countries listed below before you book a trip, as changes can be made at any given time, due to unforeseen developments in the fight against COVID-19. Lastly, the general assumption is that these countries have a mandatory mask mandate enforced, irrespective of one’s vaccination status.

If you’ve received your second Pfizer shot — or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J) jab, then these countries are an open haven to spend your next international holiday.


The rule: Vaccinated SA travellers are welcome in France and from what we understand, no proof of a negative COVID-19 test result is required for entry.


The rule: While Norway is open to SA travellers, a hiccup may occur for vaccinated globetrotters. Generally, vaxxed travellers visiting Norway are not expected to quarantine or present a negative COVID-19 test result but they must produce a recognised vaccination certificate. Unfortunately, at this time, South Africa does not produce one of these.

Therefore, more than likely, travellers from SA, vaxxed or not, may have to follow the Norwegian policy international travellers from high-risk countries which may include mandatory quarantine at one’s personal cost and a COVID-19 test.


The rule: Estonia has a similar rule to Norway, where SA travellers may be asked to present what they term a ‘immunisation certificate’. Other necessary documents include, a Schengen visa and a negative PCR test.

Quarantine at one’s personal cost may be mandated.


Ukraine is open to vaxxed and non-positive SA travellers. However, you must have a valid health insurance package that provides coverage for COVID-19 and — get this — this must be an active subscription purchased from a company registered in Ukraine.

If your insurer is not Ukrainian, they must have a representative office in the country.


The rule: Romania is, for the most part, open to SA travellers with or without a jab. Mandatory testing may be required if you haven’t been vaccinated and if you have, proof of vaccination is a must, along with a health declaration form.


The rule: Belarus is open to SA travellers but if you are not vaccinated, then you must have a medical PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) certificate showing a negative coronavirus test result, issued no later than 72 hours before entry. Fully vaxxed globetrotters, on the other hand, are not required to self-isolate for seen days or produce a negative PCR test certificate provided the second dose was administered more than one but less than 12 months before arrival.


The rule: Vaccinated SA travellers can slip past customs without so much as a fuss in Egypt. However, those who haven’t received a jab will have to produce a negative COVID-19 test and mandatory quarantine is not improbable.


The rule: Perhaps the most lenient in this list, Mexico is open to SA travellers with very few fusses expected. You may have to produce a negative COVID-19 test result if you are not vaxxed.


The rule: Colombia is open to vaxxed and non-vaxxed South Africans but you may need to fill in a pre-registration form 48 hours before departure.

Costa Rica

The rule: Costa Rica is open to vaxxed SA trotters with international travel insurance purchased in Costa Rica. If the insurer is foreign, they must have operating offices in the country. Also, a mandatory vaccination certificate and mandatory health declaration form are required.